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Refrigerators Errors Alarms
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Faq - Errors - Alarms Home Appliances Washing machines, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Ovens and Dryers
Ricerca Errori - Allarmi Elettrodomestici Lavatrici, Lavastoviglie, Frigoriferi, Asciugatrici e Forni
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Allarmi - Errori Lavatrici, Lavastoviglie, Frigoriferi, Asciugatrici e Forni

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Errori - Allarmi Elettrodomestici - Lavatrici, Lavastoviglie, Frigoriferi, Asciugatrici e Forni

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Refrigerators Errors Alarms

Lavatrici, Lavastoviglie, Frigoriferi, Asciugatrici e Forni Errori e Allarmi

The most common errors:


F1 - open circuit thermistor freezer.

                         (Refrigerators Ariston) Other: F2, F3, F4, F7, F8, F9, FA, FB, FE, A1, A2, E1, E2, E3, E4, E7, E8, E9, EA, EB, EE

Er Fs - Error Sensor Frezzer

(Refrigerators Lg) Other: 0FF, ERIF, ERFF, RSER, ERDS, ERDH, ERCF, ERCO

f3 - return after thawing abnormal - termofuzibile

(Refrigerators Daewoo) Other: f1, r1, rt, d1, dr, df, dh, and, f, t, g, eg, EA, et, eu, c1, co, d2

rd - error damper placed in the air duct.

(Refrigerators Samsung) Other: 1E, 2E, 4E, 5E, 6E, 8E, 39E, 21E, 22E, 23E, 24E, 25E, 26E, 83E, 85E, 86E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

7 - defrosting does not work

(Whirlpool refrigerators) Other: d, C, 1, 2, 4-3, 6-5, 8

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F1 - open circuit thermistor freezer.

F2 - freezer thermistor short circuit.

F3 - open circuit thermistor fridge.

F4 - thermistor fridge shorted.

F7 - Evaporator thermistor open circuit.

F8 - Evaporator thermistor short circuit.

F9 - set temperature switch open circuit.

FA - no feedback from the baffle.

FB - Motor deflector refrigerator continues.

FE - out defrost time.

A1 - preceded by an acoustic communication signals a dangerous warming of the fridge, can occur as a result of a power failure.

A2 - preceded by an acoustic communication, it is consequential to A1 and indicates that warming has become excessive.

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Allarmi Frigoriferi Aeg

Error code 0 FF

Sometimes a refrigerator LG will display an error code of "0 FF." This is not an error code in the normal sense. This message merely indicates that the unit is in "demo mode." In a refrigerator front display, the problem can be solved usually by pressing the "refrigerator" and "ice over" simultaneously for 5 to 10 seconds, with the refrigerator door open. Top-mounted refrigerators have the same solution, but only the light switch needs to be maintained and only for about 5 seconds.

Error code Er IF

All codes that indicate failures or similar problems will be displayed with an "Er" on the digital display. The LG refrigerator "Er IF" error code is the message "ice Fan Error". As the name suggests, this error code indicates a problem with the fan that controls the production of ice unit. If this problem occurs due to accumulation of ice, unplug the unit for 3 or 4 hours and allowing it to thaw may solve the problem. Customer service should be contacted if the problem persists.

Error code Er FF

This code should not be confused with the FF O or error message in demo mode. The error code "Er FF" indicates a problem with the fan freezer unit. The fan freezer controls the temperature in the freezer. The source of this error is most likely ice accumulation. As with the error Er IF, which allows the unit to thaw should fix it. Contact customer service if the error code continues to appear after thawing the unit.

Error code Er FS

The "Er FS," or error Freezer Sensor, is most likely caused by a short circuit or a cut somewhere in the circuit unit. Sometimes unplug the machine for a few minutes will reset the system and remove the error code. Customer service should be contacted if the problem persists.

RS error code Er

An error Refrigerator Sensor, or "RS Er", is another error code that can be caused by a cut or a few short. A temporary solution would be to switch off for a few moments while the system is restored. Customer service should be called if the error message persists.

Ds error code Er

The refrigerator LG will display an error code "Er ds" if it detects a problem with the defrost sensor. Again, this error message probably indicates a cut or short somewhere in the system. The attempt to restore the system by unplugging the unit may solve the problem. If the problem persists, customer service should be contacted.

Error code Er dH

The "Er dH", also known as the defrost heater error message is displayed when the unit fails to reach 46º F within 2 hours to start its defrost cycle. This may be an indication of the defrost heater had broken or the temperature fuse being pulled out of its slot. Contact customer service if the problem persists after trying a system recovery.

Error code Er CF

The unit receives signals from the BLDC motor of the fan in the freezer compartment during normal operation. If more than 65 seconds without a signal from the fan motor, you receive an error message "Er CF". The cooling motor error is usually an indication of a fan motor defective or loose cable. Customer service should be contacted immediately.

Error code Er CO

The LG refrigerator may display a communication error ("Er CO") in the event of short or other failures associated with communication between the main board and the display. While trying to restore a system is an option, the customer service will most likely need to be contacted to provide a permanent solution.

f1 - DISCONNECT sensor interrupted

r1 - Sensor broken

rt - sensor DISCONNECT

d1 - sensor DISCONNECT

dr - faulty door switch

df - faulty door switch

dh - home bar door faulty

and - sensor DISCONNECT

ef - Flow sensor defective

et - Error Switch horizontal

eg - Error of water supply

es - Error microswitch

EA - falling ice while et

eu - Error switch full ice

c1 - Cycle abnormal or defective

f3 - return after thawing abnormal - termofuzibile

co - display mode all the way down

d2 - Display forced defrost mode for a / s

1E - sensor error freezer

2E - refrigerator sensor error

4E - error termofuzibile defrost freezer

5E - error termofuzibile defrost fridge

6E - room sensor failure

8E or 39E - error ice maker

21E - error fan freezer

22E - error fan fridge

23E - error condenser fan

24E - error defrost freezer

25E - error defrost fridge

26E or 39E - Operating error ice maker

83E, 85E and 86E - error voltage inverter pba

1 - Sensor error ice maker

2 - error sensor fridge

3 - Sensor defrost fridge

4 - error fan fridge

5 - error ice maker

6 - error sensor area

7 - error defrost fridge

8 - error exit sensor

9 - error sensor freezer

10 - error defrost freezer

11 - error fan freezer

12 - error condenser fan

13 - error defrost freezer

errori frigoriferi samsung


G. FROSTMATIC "on" indicator (yellow)

H. FREEZE. Adjustment knob of the temperature

J. Temperature display

K. Temperature setting button (for colder temperatures)

L. Alarm Reset

M. Reset Alarm Light

Start -

Setting the temperature 1.

Insert the plug

Press the button (A).

The warning symbol (M) flashes as the temperature until it reaches temperatura.The sounds.3 buzzer.

Pressing the button (L) off 4 buzzer.

Press the button (K) (I) or. The temperature display switches to DESIRED temperature currently set flashes on the temperature display.5.

Set the desired temperature by pressing the (I) or button (K).

The temperature display marks the changed setting.

Each time the button is pressed, the temperature changes by 1 ° C.

From a point of view of food safety -18 ° C it should be considered sufficiently for the preservation of food in the freezer


Freezer thermistor open circuit


Freezer thermistor short circuit


Fridge thermistor open circuit


Fridge thermistor short circuit.


Open circuit evaporator thermistor


Evaporator thermistor short circuit


Temperature switch in September open circuit


No feedback from Baffle


Engine Fridge deflector operating continuously


Defrost time out

d - Air damper blocked or does not connect

C - sensor failure Fridge

C (different) - sensor failure Freezer

CF - Communication error between the main control board and the display board

-: The temperature inside the freezer is higher -11˚C

- 7 - Black out overheating - alarm engaged


Water dispenser does not work


Air damper blocked or does not connect


Evaporator or condenser fan does not work or detected


The temperature sensors can not be read


Defrost heater not working or detected


Triac Q3 main control board damaged

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